What is MyCreative?

MyCreative is a government investment arm that aims to spur Malaysia’s creative industry via strategic and innovative funding through equity or debt investments.


MYCREATIVE VENTURES Sdn. Bhd. is a Government investment arm launched in September 2012 by the Prime Minister that aims to spur Malaysia's creative industry via strategic and innovative funding through debt or equity investments in Malaysian creative companies. RM200 million was allocated from the 2012 Malaysian Budget to help boost the creative industry's significance to the Malaysian economy.

Our mission

MyCreative will invest via equities or loans from allocated funds in viable Malaysian creative businesses and is expected to achieve the following effects:

Job creation

Boost the attractiveness of Malaysia’s creative industry.

Increase GDP

Increase gross income from creative industry to significantly contribute towards the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

Elevate industry

Elevate the status of Malaysia’s creative industry via public awareness and social impact.

Board of Directors

  • Datuk Seri Farid Ridzuan
    Non-Independent, Non-Executive Chairman

  • Tony Savarimuthu
    Independent, Non-Executive Director

  • Dato’ Mahyidin Mustakim
    Independent, Non-Executive Director

  • Dato’ Prof Razak Mohaideen
    Independent, Non-Executive Director

  • Datuk Farisha Pawan Teh

  • Johan Ishak

  • Syaiful Hafiz Bin Moamat Mastam

Management Team

  • Riza Saian
    Group CEO, MyCreative Managing Partner - Private Equity, MyCreative

  • Azleen Waris
    Group CFO, Azleen Waris

  • Izwan Zainuddin
    Chief Operating Officer – Debt Venture, MyCreative

  • Izan Satrina
    CEO – Cultural Economy Development Unit (CEDU)

  • Melissa Low
    Co-Managing Partner – RIUH & Head of Business Development, MyCreative

  • Nadia Muadzam
    Senior Manager – Corporate Affairs

  • Nasir Juri
    Senior Manager – Strategic Finance

  • Amylia Azlan
    Senior Manager – Investment (Debt Venture)

  • Zarul Hafizh Hamzah
    Senior Manager - Investment (Debt Venture)

  • Roz Ghafar
    Manager – Investment (Debt Venture)

  • Yushairi Baharudin
    Manager – Investment (Private Equity)

  • Syed Akmal Kurniawan
    Head of Governance & Risk Management, MyCreative

  • Affendy Ali Dally
    Co-Managing Partner – RIUH & Head of Legal, MyCreative

How does it work?

Learn about the types of funds available and what is required of your business.

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