Barking Cow Media Group

Content Creation

Barking Cow Media Group (BCMG) provides a much need globalization platform for independent & locally based filmmakers around the world. BCMG was organized to provide a one-stop monetization solution for producers to directly release in North America on as many as 5,000 theatrical screens and through its own video label with big box retailers such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and many others. BCMG is also very active in development and pre-package phase of film and TV show production, with the company’s ability to provide real Pre-Sale financing agreements which saavy filmmakers can use to complete their production financing package. The company is currently in the midst of collaborating and packaging very prominent film productions with global stars and filmmaking talent with its own brand of tight budgets and creative financing all designed to create amazing IPs with risk mitigating techniques. The internal creation of its recent P&A fund and expanded financing opportunities in Pan Asia cultivated by the group have resulted in a vertically integrated acquisition, development, co-financing, production, and global distribution platform.