Bisque Bites

Culinary Arts

Bisque Bites Sdn. Bhd. also known as Bake to Play is a brainchild of Juliana Omar. Inspired by her mom, Juliana started experimenting with her own flavours and ventured into entrepreneurship. She then set up Bisque an online made-to-order cake connoisseur that give opportunity to cake lovers to browse through a variety of options and customize them all from the tip of their fingers. She also opened up a café in May 2015 to serve and also showcase the beautiful piece to everyone. In 2016, Juliana and team started Poppy which is B2B dessert supply with the objective to supply treats to other cafes in Klang Valley. Poppy offers a selection of cakes and desserts at a lower price which is cost-effective for F&B owners. Juliana together with her talented team aims to explore the endless possibilities and delicate combinations of the desserts world and served a piece that reflects their passion in baking.