KRU Music


KRU Music was founded by Norman, Yusry and Edry in 1996 – 4 years after KRU (as a pop group) established themselves as singer, songwriter and music producer in the Malaysian music industry. Soon after, KRU signed and produced a number of popular Malaysian and Indonesian artiste. Throughout the years, KRU and its artistes have won numerous awards such as Anugerah Industri Muzik, Anugerah ERA and Anugerah Bintang Popular (domestically) and regional awards such as Anugerah Planet Muzik (Singapore) and Hong Kong Asian Music Festival. Now, with a substantial number of popular sound recording and music publishing works in its intellectual property library; KRU Music is one of the biggest and successful music company in Malaysia. As an influential and trend setting organisation with offices and/or representatives in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States, KRU Music through its Holding Company, is well positioned to deliver its world class services in areas related to the music and other entertainment content.

KRU Music is a Malaysian record label formed in 1996 by the singers-songwriters-producers jointly known as "KRU". Initially formed as KRU Records as a joint venture company with EMI, KRU Music changed its name and went fully independent in 1999 and have worked with Taiwan-based label Rock Records (1999 to 2001), Warner Music (2002 to 2004), EMI (2004 to 2006), United Studios (2007 to 2013) and currently Sony Music as distributors for their physical album releases. One Stop Music has released KRU Music's catalogue on digital formats since 2006.

KRU Music is one of the leading independent record labels and music publishers in Malaysia. Founded in 1992 by the singer/songwriter/producer group KRU, the label is now known for its progressive music especially in the genres of Pop, Hip Hop, Dance, R&B and Modern Rock. We represent a stable of artistes and authors, creating their craft in English and Malay languages.

With the incorporation of its operations in the United States of America, KRU Music plans to expand its 360 degrees music business internationally through the production and distribution of recorded and musical works by both established and new talents from around the world.

In addition, KRU Music has accumulated a comprehensive catalogue of intellectual property for international exploitation in its original format or via adaption of songs into other languages for both digital and physical distribution.