Kualiti Books


Kualiti Books Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian company that was established in 1999. They started by publishing children’s books for the Malaysian market tailored to the requirements of the education system. The Company has enjoyed a period of growth over the years, from its humble beginnings of a handful of titles to more than 1000 at present. This list and range of titles are constantly reviewed, updated and added to. Currently, many publications are being published and translated into foreign languages. With the rapid changes in technology, the face of publishing has also changed. In order to remain competitive and relevant, the Company has started investing in technologies and e-books. Many of the Company’s printed books are being updated and transformed into e-book formats. At the same time, Kualiti Books continue to sell printed books and copyrights internationally to meet the ever-growing demand for children’s books. The Company is constantly seeking innovative ways to improve its current range of titles. They aim to rise to a higher platform and be recognized as the foremost, local and international publisher of high quality yet affordable books. Their customer-friendly approach and goal of quality publications form the two-pronged guiding principles of the Company. Kualiti Books offer high-quality children's books online. Their main focus is to produce goods of the highest quality. You can be guaranteed of quality with friendly customer service.