Zeve Shoes are colorful leather shoes that are hand crafted in Malaysia by brilliant artisan shoemakers. They are made only from premium materials and the finest cow leather. Zeve Shoes are redefining the age old boring black dress shoe. With our colorful upper and design, we've made Modern Shoes for the Modern Man. Our brand embodies the freedom of choice and expression. Zeve Shoes enable you to express yourself the way you want. Our shoes will always be about color, comfort and you. We set out to make shoes for the entrepreneur, the professional and the aspiring creative - shoes that are handsome, premium quality, extremely comfortable and affordable. We wanted to make the most visually appealing shoes you’ve ever seen, and the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn. Every molecule - from the tassel, to the leather to the shoe box are carefully made. A lot of care went into making each shoe and you will see that the moment you receive your first pair. The difference is both visible and tangible.