Dana Kandungan Digital (DKD) Industri Muzik 2022

Dana Kandungan Digital (DKD) Industri Muzik aims to ease and encourage industry practitioners in producing, publishing and disseminating music-related content on par with local and international markets, as well as developing human capital towards unlocking music industry potential, competitiveness and positive economic impact.

Dana Persembahan Muzik under DKD Industri Muzik focuses on the organising of public showcase and concert-oriented events that spotlights local talents and also generates jobs for music industry practitioners.


Grant Value

Funding amounts of RM150,000 or RM300,000 for each successful application*, bound by terms and conditions in the Garis Panduan DKD Industri Muzik

*Only open to registered companies
*Execution period before 30 August 2023

Call for Application 27 Sep 2022
Application Deadline 8 Oct 2022

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