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Artistreet Wows the Crowd at Urbanscapes 2018

ARTISTREET is an initiative by MyCreative Ventures to promote more forms of performing arts in Malaysia especially those with a uniquely street theme.

The competition which was launched in August 2018 sought to find some of the country’s best street acts and encourage the youth to express themselves creatively. 

The winning performances had visitors at Urbanscapes 2018 where the finals were held, cheering and clapping them on.

Grand prize winner was Alvin Yong  with a heartwarming acrobatic performance using the Cyr Wheel.

2nd Place went to Caklempong ASIS - a passionate tribe of talented students from Sekolah Menengah Sains Alam Shah in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur which featured the Caklempong, a traditional Malay instrument. 

3rd Place winner was Wai Wai Drum  - an upbeat drum performance featuring a handmade drumset made from recycled materials.

4th Place winners were the Nasty Rock Crew - a funky, high energy street dance group.

Last but not least, 5th place was awarded to  Luke Groundwalker - cool body popping and breakbeat solo dancer with some mean skills!

Great job to all who took part! We look forward to more awesome acts in the future.