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Mustafa Jones, Yummy Tummy and Mom’s BBQ Crowned COOKOUT Winners

MyCreative Ventures held a BBQ cooking competition on the 30th of March 2019 to look for the best BBQ dishes Malaysia has to offer. MyCreative Ventures is a government investment arm set up to spur the Malaysian creative industry comprising 10 pillars including the culinary arts. Cookout was its first initiative that featured a culinary arts competition which aimed to celebrate the popular cooking style among food enthusiasts and was open to all Malaysians with a passion for BBQ.

The Cookout Finals and judging was held during RIUH’s March 2019 edition on the 30th and 31st of March 2019. RIUH is a curated creative platform that features a variety of pop-up stores & food, creative workshops, showcases and live performances.

The Cookout Finals was held on 30th March 2019 where the finalists showcased their culinary skills and sold their signature BBQ dishes at the popular event.

Contestants were free to showcase a variety of styles and cuisine as long as it requires the food to be prepared on an open fire in true BBQ style. Cookout is open to new ideas & NOT limited to steaks, ribs or briskets. Nusantara grilled dishes such as Satay and Ayam Panggang are also acceptable.

Among the many submissions, the best 10 applications were selected to be featured as finalists during the weekend.

Cookout 's top three winners won RM5,000, RM3,000 and RM2,000 respectively. 

1st place winner was Mustafa Jones, a local favourite among the Keramat burger-eating community. 2nd place was Yummy Tummy, founded by homemaker Angel Keen and family and 3rd place was none other than RIUH regular, Mom's BBQ!

There was also a People’s Choice Award as voted by the public on the day of the competition which went to Smokefather & Co.

Look out for the next creative initiative from MyCreative Ventures coming soon near you!