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Fashion Pitch 4

Fashion Pitch 4
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Fashion Pitch is open to all designers and fashion entrepreneurs who are:

  1. Malaysian citizen
  2. Applicants must be 18 years and above of age
  3. Good command in English and/or Bahasa Malaysia
  4. Passion for fashion
  5. Applicants must present their own original designs

Proposal Requirement and Guide:

  1. Background/designer profile
  2. Design concept/style (i.e pictures of current and previous collection/look book and/or sketches of future design)
  3. Business plan/strategy
  4. Any other relevant information

Submit completed APPLICATION FORM and PROPOSAL by 12.00 am, 27 March 2016 via EMAIL to:

*Applicants that are shortlisted will be contacted by the organising committee to present to a panel of judges from the industry during ‘Pitch Day’ which will be in April 2016.