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The 4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival

The 4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival

The Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival is arguably the only one of its kind in the world and it has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 2014. It first started as the brainchild of Malaysia’s foremost Jazz Musician, Michael Veerapen who then enlisted the involvement of the top 8 Jazz pianists in Malaysia including Tay Cher Siang, Justin Lim, David Gomes and John Dip Silas. Hence it is also unique in the sense that this festival is created by musicians and conducted by musicians themselves.
The main objectives of this festival are;

• To impart Professional skills and knowledge to music students and aspiring professional musicians
• To build a community of Musicians with a goal to improving musicianship standards in the country and to inspire each other to greater accomplishments
• To promote interest in Jazz music and performance as it enables all genres of commercial and popular music

The 4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival will be the biggest yet, featuring the who’s who of Malaysian Jazz with exciting concerts such as ‘Tomorrow, Here Today’ which shines the spotlight on the star pianists of tomorrow, ‘Twos and Threes’, the very popular and highly exciting concert of two and three pianists at the same time, something you will never get to see elsewhere, and ‘Ensembles’ where all the top Jazz musicians in the country will be performing. Stars like Julian Chan, Az Samad will share the stage with virtuosos drummers Steve Nanda and John Thomas together with show stopping singer Samantha De Lune and many more.

The 3rd Malaysian Jazz Piano Competition will feature a new and challenging component. Finalists will be given an original piece the day before their performance and they will have to demonstrate their skills in adapting it into a compelling performance.

There are 4 new clinics on offer this time around. John O of Paper Plane Pursuit will be conducting one on ‘ How to make your home recordings sound great’, Toro Cheng will be teaching you the ‘Fundamentals of Harmony’, Edvard Lee will be conducting ‘Fusion Jazz Improvisation’ and Tay Cher Siang will be moderating a forum with Jazz Luminaries Julian Chan, Az Samad, Razlan Saharudin. The powerful clinics by Ch’ng Wee Lern, ‘Improvisation for Beginners’ and Justin Lim ‘Advanced Jazz Piano Voicings’ round up the clinic program.

Show Details: 

13th Jan 2017 @ 8.30pm – “Tomorrow, Here Today”
– featuring tomorrow’s Star Jazz Pianists

14th Jan 2017 @ 4pm – “3rd Malaysian Jazz Piano Competition”
– free admission

14th Jan 2017 @ 8.30pm – “Twos and Threes”
– featuring our all-time favourite piano duets and trios

15th Jan 2017 @ 8.30pm – “Ensembles”
– featuring ensembles comprising the who’s who in Malaysian Jazz scene


Michael Veerapen, John Dip Silas, Cheah Wei Li, Az Samad, Hor Chee Seng, Patrick Terbrack, Grace Leong, Tay Cher Siang, Toro Cheng, Julian Chan, Daniel Foong, Steve Nanda, Alton Wong, Edvard Lee, Ch’ng Wee Lern, Lim Lee Peng, Melvin Goh, Tengku Indra, KJ, Tong Sin Ee, Justin Lim, Hin Ee Jeng, AJ, Samantha Lim, Razlan Saharudin and many more.

The Clinics

13th Jan, 2017 2pm - 3.30pm Clinic 1 Fundamentals of Harmony (Chord Construction, Diatonic Harmonies, Tensions and more) Toro Cheng
4pm - 5.30pm Clinic 2 Advanced Jazz Voicing Justin Lim
14th Jan, 2017 11am - 12.30pm Clinic 3 Jazz Improvisation for Beginners Ch’ng Wee Lern
2pm - 3.30pm Clinic 4 Fusion Jazz Improvisation Edvard Lee
15th Jan, 2017 11am - 12.30pm Clinic 5 Forum - Optimizing Practice to Achieve Musical Freedom Tay Cher Siang
2pm - 3.30pm Clinic 6 Making Your Home Recordings Sound Great John Oommen

*** No advance registrations. Simply walk in!

Presented by:
Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival & The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

Pentas 2 & Indicine, klpac

Date & Time:
13 – 15 Jan @ 8.30pm (show), Jan 14 @ 4pm (competition)

Ticket Price:
RM75 for Adults

RM30 for Students

RM165 for 3 shows

Free admission for competition & clinics. (First come, first serve basis)