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The Silverfish Self-Publishing Hub

The Silverfish Self-Publishing Hub

Self publishing has always been around, but now it seems more the norm than the exception, at least with first-time authors. It is easy to self-publish, but how do you sell the books? Major chains are not willing to take your book unless it is a proven seller, and you cannot sell it without a decent retail presence. (And, the death of the traditional bookshop has been greatly exaggerated.)


The goals of The Silverfish Self-Publishing Hub are three-fold: 

  • To create a retail space for self-published authors to showcase their books.
  • To create a comfortable retail location in a leading suburban mall for locals and tourists to browse books by self-published authors.
  • To further establish Silverfish Books as a destination for literature and creativity.


Silverfish's vision: 

  • Shelf space with face-front display space for books by authors in a leading Klang Valley bookstore.
  • A cosy browsing/reading space with seating for readers to enjoy while perusing the books.
  • A venue that authors can use for hosting book release parties or book-signings.
  • A possible venue for multiple-author events.
  • An option for premier window display.


So, what is it to the deal?

Authors rent space from Silverfish at a nominal cost to display their books in a leading bookshop in a prime location, and get to keep all proceeds from the sales (less 5% to cover Silverfish admin costs).

Will it be worthwhile to you? You decide. Cost of rental per title is RM100.00 per monh (for a minimum of three months). You will determone the selling price your own book. Now, if your book costs RM50.00, you will practically recover your cost if you sell only two copies a month! If you price your book at RM25.00, you will recoup with monthly sales of 4 copies, etc.). Is it worth the risk?

You can increase your sales by additional purchases of display and promotional space to increase your exposure!

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