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VAP 3’s Winning Artwork Inspired by Family

MyCreative Ventures presented its third visual arts showcase,  VAP 3 featuring works by some of the country's newest talents. The two-week long exhibit took place at Ken Gallery in Taman Tun, a recent addition to the list of art galleries in the Klang Valley.

22 promising artists were selected to be featured in the exhibition of the art competition, now in its third year running.  Among the finalists included are students from UiTM Shah Alam’s Visual Arts faculty, Da Creative College, Spektra, self-taught amateurs, novice artists and seasoned art enthusiasts. 

VAP 3's winning art pieces were insightful and moving creations taking inspiration from themes close to the heart including family, vision and the new art of miniature paintings.

First place winner Tan Yi Ching featured family ties and relations in producing her artwork entitled 'Connect' which uses handprints of her family members as a symbolic representation of the strong bond between them.

Second place was bestowed to Muhamad Hirzaq bin Abdul Harris with his breathtaking piece, 'The Eye' which highlights vision and how looking and seeing the world is a matter of perspective and should always be valued.

Third place went to miniature art enthusiast, Siti Fariza Basri with her colourful collection of tiny paintings which required an extremely patient and steady hand and mind to complete.