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Visual Arts Pitch 2

Visual Arts Pitch 2
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1.)     Malaysian citizen;

2.)     Aged 18 to 35 (as of 31st October 2017);

3.)     Participation in this competition is on an individual basis. No group artwork is allowed;

4.)     An artist (hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”) may submit more than one

         artwork for this competition;

5.)     There are no restrictions to medium for the artworks (Paintings/ Drawings/ Sculptures/




(i)      Participant is required to email a completed application form to
, with the following details before the closing date:

        a)      the Participant’s NRIC;

        b)      the title of the artwork for this competition;

        c)      the year of production of the artwork for this competition;

        d)      the dimension (Length x Width x Thickness) of the artwork for this competition;

        e)      the medium(s) and message intended to be conveyed of the artwork for this

                competition; and

        f)      the images of the artwork for this competition (still images can be accompanied with


Should the file size of the images exceeds 5MB, please upload your images to any cloud storage services (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox and etc). Acceptable file type options are PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG or BMP.

Should the file size of the video exceeds 5MB, please upload the video to any video sharing sites (i.e. YouTube, Veoh, Vimeo or etc). Maximum length of the video is three minutes and limited to one video per entry.

(ii)    Please provide the link to the images and video where indicated on the application form

        and grant excess of the link with The link shall not be shared or

        sent to any third party;

(iii)    A separate application form is required for each entry;

(iv)  The subject of the email should be Visual Arts Pitch followed by the Participant(s)’ Name;

(v)   Each email application will be acknowledged by an auto-receipt reply. If the Participant

      does not receive any reply within one (1) week of submission, kindly contact;

(vi)  No entries will be accepted past the posted deadline;

(vii) Application that fails to comply with any of the above Entry Procedures and Conditions

      shall be disqualified;

(viii) Finalists will be contacted further for images of the artist’s previous portfolio, artist’s

       background information and high-resolution copy of the submitted artwork for printing

       purposes. Failure to produce the requested information will deem the finalist’s artwork

       as void and will not be declared as the Finalist.