What is Revolving Credit

Revolving credit is a short term credit line in which the company is given a certain amount credit limit with flexibility to reutilise the credit line for as long as there utilisation is within the approved limit and there is no overdue.


To finance company’s working capital requirements, operations, marketing expenses, production expenses, and to bridge any cash flow gaps during production cycle.

Eligibility Criteria

A company incorporated in Malaysia (Sdn Bhd)

Minimum 2 Director(s) and/or Shareholder(s)

Minimum 51% active Malaysian shareholder(s)

Company activities are within the 10 creative pillars supported by MyCreative

Company has financial track record of at least 1 year

Reasonable credit history on the company, shareholder(s) and director(s)

Must provide latest updated unqualified financial statement

Company must have minimum paid-up capital of RM20,000.00 or other amount as deemed necessary by MyCreative

Note: Fulfilment of the Eligibility Criteria DO NOT CREATE AN OBLIGATION OR GUARANTEE on the financing approval by MyCreative. Applicants that comply with the above Eligibility Criteria may apply for Revolving Credit facility and MyCreative Investment Committee will review and decide on the outcome.

Salient Terms

Maximum tenure of 60 months

Flexible repayment terms

Interest rate from 6.00% per annum

Processing fee is from minimum of RM2,000.00

Note: Salient terms are subject to approval of MyCreative Investment Committee



Assignment and charge on collection account

Joint and several guarantee of directors and shareholders

How to Apply

Step 1 : Download and fill up the following forms

Statutory Declaration Form - Director and/or Shareholder


CTOS Consent Form


Step 2 : Submit the forms and required documents to our pitchbox 

Reach Out to Us

Any other further funding requirements, kindly email us at loanenquiry@mycreative.com.my