Skim Dana Padanan MyCreative

(MyCreative Matching Fund Scheme)

Provides 1-to-1 matching grants for creation of new works and new IP

The ‘Skim Dana Padanan MyCreative’ (MyCreative Matching Fund Scheme) (“Programme”) is a grant initiative by the Malaysian government and delivered by MyCreative Ventures Sdn Bhd (“MyCreative”) which was announced as part of Budget 2024 in line with the aspirations of the MADANI economy to spur and empower the local creative industries.

The Programme provides 1-to-1 matching grants up to a maximum of RM250,000 towards cash funds raised for creative projects by registered entities within the Malaysian creative industry, with a focus on the following sectors, but not limited to: performing arts, visual arts, revitalization of crafts, music, digital creative content, and multi or cross-disciplinary art forms. Applications which fall within other creative sectors under MyCreative’s creative pillars may also be considered, provided the application meets the criteria and intent of the Programme.

The Programme aims to encourage diversifying contributions towards creative projects to create a more sustainable creative industry for all. The Programme looks at supporting creation of new original works with potential of long-term impact and/or able to demonstrate commercial viability that will contribute towards enhancing the core business of the applicant.

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Terms of reference

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The funding programme hopes:

To foster innovative and new artistic creation of works that are original.

To encourage new creative outputs that will benefit local communities and create a sense of shared cultural identity and pride.

To support creative organisations and ecosystem players to scale their creative work be it to tap into a wider reach, expand into new markets, or diversifying to new audiences. 

To enable organisations and ecosystem players in the arts and creative sector to realise new projects that have the potential to generate economic impact, create jobs and contribute towards the creative economy.

For more details, please refer to the Terms of Reference:

terms of reference

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