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Content Creation

The demand for content is surging, not just in Malaysia but globally, and MyCreative wants to tap into this demand to spur the country’s creative sector via strategic investments.

Content creation is a very broad industry with many specialisations and MyCreative has identified several key areas with immense potential to be key contributors to the country’s economy. These key areas include film and TV production, animation and games.

According to a report by business intelligence firm, Dataxis in 2012, Malaysia’s 6.5 million TV households (out of the 28 million population) fuelled an increasing demand for culturally diversified channels based on ethnicity and language, the most prominent languages being Malay, Tamil and Chinese.

The emergence of new channels and TV networks in Malaysia means the current supply of content is insufficient to meet the needs of certain stations and there are huge market opportunities waiting for ambitious players.

Source : Accurves Studios

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