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Human beings are naturally drawn to beauty. In this day and age where we value the quality of lifestyle, design becomes an integral part of our lives. The demand for creative and distinctively designed products is on the rise as the craving for urban lifestyle is sweeping around the globe. The desire for a person to be different from others has created opportunities for product designers and modern crafters to produce unique products to meet the demand of this growing consumer behaviour.

"Good design is not just how it looks and feels like, design is how it works."
Steve Jobs

Good design in its form and function is essential to products such as furniture, lighting, interior and exterior decorative functional products as well as modern crafts.

In recognition of the importance of good design, MyCreative sees the need to embark in developing this sector. Good design would not only churn aesthetically appreciation but also economic appreciation.

The number of entrepreneurs who are designers, crafters and artisan is abundantly growing in Malaysia, yet appreciation is modestly given. With proper branding and sustainable product development, the realm of design is expected to further grow and MyCreative would be happy to be part of it.

Source : Stephanie Ng

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