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The performing arts industry in Malaysia is a growing sector with enormous potential. Talents, venues as well as support from private and public sectors are increasing, resulting in the growing appeal of performing arts to the public at large.

The rise of the performing arts industry is crucial as it will strengthen the cultural prowess of the country as a whole. This in itself is seen as a key motivator of economic growth due to the demand for stimulating, creative environments from a forward-thinking and well-educated workforce.

It would be remiss to talk about performing arts in Malaysia without mentioning some of the biggest shows to have graced the public consciousness in recent years. ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’ and ‘P Ramlee The Musical’ - gave the performing arts industry a much needed shot in the arm. In the process, it made us sit up and take notice of the vast potential that the industry holds.

Through collaboration and innovation, plus the vast reach of the social web, MyCreative believes the best is yet to come.

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