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Theatresauce is a director-driven collective that was established in 2016. Over the years, the company has embarked on various artistic endeavors, ranging from producing traditional plays to exploring devised and experimental works. Theatresauce embraces a diverse range of theater-making forms and aims to create cutting-edge and innovative productions that reflect the experiences of urban Malaysians.

The company values diverse perspectives, dramaturgies, and practices, encouraging its collaborators and audiences to move beyond conventional narratives and binary thinking. Rather than defining what contemporary theater should be, Theatresauce focuses on providing opportunities, exploring possibilities, and offering new ways of seeing and experiencing theater.

In addition to their productions, Theatresauce is dedicated to training emerging directors and operates The School, which provides learning opportunities in various aspects of theater. They are headquartered in USJ 21, Subang Jaya, and offer their multi-purpose studios for rent at affordable rates.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Theatresauce, like many other theater companies. They rely on donations to sustain their operations and encourage support from the public. The company also maintains a press archive and an expanding directory of theater companies in Malaysia, providing resources and information for theater enthusiasts.

In 2023, Theatresauce celebrates its 7th anniversary with an exciting lineup of 7 new devised projects by 7 directors, further showcasing their commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering artistic exploration.

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