Persatuan Seni Klang Lama (KongsiKL)

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KongsiKL is located on Old Klang Road in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This area holds historical significance as it was once a vital route between the city center and Port Klang, contributing to the growth and development of Kuala Lumpur. KongsiKL is situated in Gudang Yee Seng 2, a compound that houses several warehouses.

The space that KongsiKL occupies was previously a stainless steel factory for over a decade. However, in July 2017, it was transformed into an experimental ground for cultivating creativity and cultural vitality. The warehouse's original structures and textures, including the high ceiling with a saw-tooth roof, concrete floor, and textured walls, have been preserved, giving the space a unique and versatile quality.

KongsiKL embraces the spirit of 'kongsi,' which means 'sharing' in Bahasa Malaysia and 'collaboration' in Chinese. The space is dedicated to developing social and artistic projects, as well as facilitating experiments. KongsiKL believes in the power of sharing time, talent, space, and resources, and it serves as a platform for various activities such as performances, exhibitions, screenings, discussions, workshops, markets, sports competitions, and community gatherings.

As an experimental ground, KongsiKL encourages an equilibrium between the space and all parties involved, fostering collaboration and unleashing possibilities. The warehouse provides a unique setting for individuals and groups to come together, exchange ideas, and create meaningful experiences. By embracing the concept of sharing and collaboration, KongsiKL aims to have a positive ripple effect on the local community and the broader artistic and cultural landscape.

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