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Winc Studio produces the brand Whimsigirl, a Malaysian ready-to-wear children’s label that offers tasteful traditional and casual wear with a design philosophy that integrates culture, comfort and character. Created by Syazana Sukiman in 2011, the label represents its founder's love for design, celebrations and everything pint-sized. Armed with a brutal need for simple, practical and high quality products on top of a penchant for quirky things, Whimsigirlcleverly balances sophistication and playfulness throughout its designs and branding.

At Whimsigirl, collections are wholistically developed to tell a story and each piece is designed to carry comfort, culture and character. Born to be the odd one, Whimsigirl constantly tries to push boundaries through its bold, one-of-a-kind designs that make adults wish they were children. Whimsigirl is one of the winners for MyCreative’s Fashion Pitch 2013.

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