Buku Fixi Sdn. Bhd.

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Buku Fixi Sdn Bhd (“Buku Fixi”) was incorporated on 29 January 2016 by Amir bin Muhammad (51), Muhammad Iqbal bin Abu Bakar (35) and Nik Adam Ahmad bin Nik Rasdee (35) as a successor of Buku Fixi (“sole proprietorship”) which established since 2011 as a contemporary urban book publisher.

Since 2011, Buku Fixi have published over 200 titles (in Malay and English), with four (4) of their books have been made into movies /mini-series. Apart from assisting local writer in publishing their titles, Buku Fixi also bought rights from selected authors from Indonesia, America, UK and Japan to translate and distribute in Malaysia. 

Buku Fixi has various imprints such as;

(i) Buku Fixi (local Malay Books), 

(ii) Fixi Novo (local English Books), 

(iii) Fixi Mono (non-fiction), 

(iv) Fixi Retro (reprints of old Malays-language classics), 

(v) Fixi Verso (Malay translations of current international books),

(vi) And Etc

Awards and Recognition

2014 – The Bookseller International Adult Trade Publisher Award at the International Book Industry Excellence 

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