Kualiti Books Sdn. Bhd.

Photo Source : Kualiti Books Sdn. Bhd.


Kualiti Books Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1999 where it started publishing children's books for the Malaysian market which is tailored to the requirements of the education system. The Company's books were sold for schools and public libraries through school suppliers. In 2008, they broadened their income source beyond the school library market and started selling their books in the retail market in Malaysia. This initiative has also given them the opportunity to create new publications suited for the retail and international market. Much emphasis and investment were focused on new illustrations and art work on their books. Since then, they have published more than 1,000 titles in multiple languages to cater to the diversified, multi-racial population in Malaysia. Many of the stories are for children (Islamic, Fairy Tales, Aesop Fables, Arabian Night, Animal Tales and Malay Classic). The stories are evergreen and can be easily translated into various languages to be sold worldwide. By doing so, they managed to penetrate into the ASEAN countries such as Indonesia and Philippines.

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