Nyonya Heritage Art

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Nyonya Heritage Art was in business since 30 March 2017.

Founded by Kenny Loh, an artisan of Nyonya kebaya and Nyonya beaded shoes. Kenny was a nutritionist for 10 years after graduating from his master degree.  He gave up his profession to pursue his passion and set up an establishment to safeguard his family legacy - the Baba Nyonya culture.

According to local and international customers, he is one of the few artisans in Nyonya kebaya tailoring and embroidery in the region. He is also known for his Nyonya beaded shoes creations. The business started from a small stall at Esplanade Pasar Malam, and now with 2 outlets in Penang nearby tourist spot i.e. Lebuh Kimberly and Armenian Street.

Nyonya House which managed by NHA is a Penang Peranakan concept store or Peranakan hub selling Penang Peranakan Baba Nyonya products such as Kebaya blouse, customize Kebaya, sarong, handmade beaded shoes, beaded bags, Nyonya porcelain, sia basket, local designer bags & shoes, collectables, Handmade accessories including Nyonya kerongsang, Peranakan inspired artwork, drawings and paintings.

Penang Nyonya House also provides workshops like Nyonya beaded shoe faces workshop, customize magnet and keychain workshop, drawing, painting and even workshop on how to wear Nyonya kebaya and sarong.

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