Photo Source : Achu Zul, PUSAKA


PUSAKA is a cultural organization that collaborates closely with prominent custodians of ritual and traditional performing arts in Malaysia and the surrounding region. Their primary focus is to establish a comprehensive documentary archive of traditional performing arts in Malaysia while ensuring the sustainability of these traditions within local communities. They achieve this by organizing regular performances and instructing youth in these art forms, ensuring the transfer of knowledge to future generations.

Furthermore, PUSAKA creates innovative platforms for performances and curates festivals, providing urban audiences with opportunities to engage with Malaysian history, heritage, culture, and literature. They also collaborate with international partners to showcase authentic Malaysian performance traditions at cultural events and programs abroad. PUSAKA is honored to collaborate with esteemed local, regional, and international masters of tradition, fostering new avenues for engagement and creative exploration. In all their endeavors, PUSAKA aims to offer an intellectual context for contemplating broader aspects of culture, tradition, and ideas.

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