Darren Teh Qin Loong (An Honest Mistake)

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An Honest Mistake, hailing from Malaysia, has consistently impressed since their debut in 2008. Led by Darren Teh, a skilled organizer, lecturer, and musician on rhythm guitar, the band's catchy earworms have evolved over the years despite several personnel changes. With Tomas Tam on lead guitar, Sonny Wan on bass, and Ian Ng on drums, An Honest Mistake's lineup is solid. Notably, they were previously associated with Universal Music Malaysia from 2016 to 2018.

Over the course of their career, An Honest Mistake has released five albums and embarked on numerous tours, including visits to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Their matured sound encompasses a range of styles, from summery pop tunes to emotional ballads, with the occasional pulse-pounding easycore track. Sharing stages with notable international acts like Mayday Parade, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Boys Like Girls, Motion City Soundtrack, and Against The Current, the band shows no signs of slowing down.

An Honest Mistake's ability to effortlessly transition between full-on pop-rock, relaxed acoustic music, and heavy hardcore-influenced tunes is showcased in their upcoming material. Missing out on experiencing the talents of An Honest Mistake when they perform in your area would be a regrettable mistake.


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