Mohd Rozaidy Bin Shukry (Orkes Melayu Rojer)

Photo Source : Orkes Melayu Rojer Facebook


"Orkes Melayu Rojer" is a contemporary Malay orchestra ensemble. They specialize in delivering captivating musical performances at various events, including weddings and cultural gatherings. With their modern interpretation of traditional Malay orchestral music, they bring a fresh and vibrant ambiance to any occasion.

This ensemble is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Malay music while infusing it with contemporary elements, resulting in a unique and engaging musical experience. Whether you're planning a wedding and want to add a touch of cultural elegance or organizing a cultural event, "Orkes Melayu Rojer" is your go-to choice for a memorable and enchanting musical journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with diverse audiences.


Independent Music Funding Programme (PENJANA)

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