Mohd Sukhairi bin Abdul Samat (Alun Tradisi Enterprise)

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Established in 2007, The Alun Tradisi Group is comprised of six talented members: Arie, Ayop, Amai, Shahrezza, Khazrin, and Hasraniza. The group's members are graduates from the Music Arts Academy in the years spanning 2005 to 2010 (Aswara), holding diplomas and degrees in music. Hailing from various states, including Sarawak, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, and Kuala Lumpur, they bring a diverse range of musical influences to their performances.

With their unique fusion of traditional music, jazz, fusion, and contemporary elements, The Alun Tradisi Group consistently delivers breathtaking performances. Utilizing a captivating blend of Malay traditional instruments, such as the Malay Oud and Malay Rebana, along with Western instruments like the accordion, guitar, and bass guitar, their music effortlessly captivates listeners. Their remarkable talent has earned them invitations to perform at both formal and informal occasions, including hi-tea events, dinners, and launching ceremonies.

Committed to elevating traditional Malaysian music to international standards, The Alun Tradisi Group actively promotes and introduces the rich heritage of Malaysian music to a broader audience. Their unwavering dedication sets them on par with other global musical traditions, making them a significant force in the advancement of traditional music.


Independent Music Funding Programme (PEMULIH)

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