Nawi Zharif Kamarulzaman (Dewataraya)

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Dewataraya, an independent progressive rock band hailing from Selangor, Malaysia, is a talented quintet comprising Nawi Zharif, Najmi, Aqmal, Emei, and Hakim. Despite their songs being described as dark and filled with rage, these boys defy expectations by radiating a cheerful, fun-loving spirit.

Established in February 2019, Dewataraya has embarked on an experimental journey, continuously exploring diverse styles and sounds. Their musical evolution is evident in the intricacy of their compositions, showcasing maturely-crafted technical elements and anthemic choruses that invite listeners to join in the chants.

Undoubtedly, their album is a must-not-miss musical experience, garnering abundant praise from a multitude of avid listeners. It serves as a testament to Dewataraya's remarkable talent and highlights their ability to create an immersive and captivating sonic journey.


Independent Music Funding Programme (PENJANA)

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